I hear you…Lyrics for Hearing Aid

It’s time to get to work, it’s time for me to sing my heart out.

It’s just time to sing.

I just want to go out there and sing my songs.

I love you so much, I love everybody.

It feels good to sing it.

Just come on.

Just let it out, I just wanna go out, let it go.

Just do it.

You know what I mean?

I just can’t help myself.

I can’t.

I gotta go out and sing, man.

It really feels good, you know?

I feel like I’m going to fall apart.

I don’t want to be the one that’s singing.

I’m just gonna go out.

You gotta love what you do.

It doesn’t matter how many times I sing it, man, it just ain’t gonna work.

I want to sing, but I gotta sing it so much.

It don’t matter if I sing, you don’t know what’s gonna happen, you just gotta go.

I got to do it, you gotta go do it with me.

I wanna go, I wanna be the first.

It ain’t nothing to me.

All I wanna do is sing.

You can’t tell me, man?

All I gotta do is just sit back and sing.

It is my first time singing.

When you look at me, it ain’t nothin but a voice, it is my voice.

You could see me on TV.

I could just sing, it would be like me, but it’s all in my mind, it was in my head.

I had a big job.

It was a job that I really needed, but you know what?

I could go out to my job and do what I love.

And I could come home and be the best dad that I could be, but my dad wasn’t there.

I was like, oh, my god, my dad was there, and it was just, you get the picture?

You got to love what your dad did for you, but he ain’t there anymore, you got to try to be there for yourself.

And you got the best job in the world.

And that’s what I’m trying to do.

That’s what makes me happy.

That is my job.

Thats what I was working for.

So yeah, that’s the whole thing.

That was all the way through the album.

But yeah, it wasn’t just one song.

I didn’t write one song on the record.

I wrote five songs, and I got a couple that I think are pretty good.

It had so many different aspects, you could see the way it flowed from there.

So it was a lot of different songs.

There were a lot.

I mean, that is what I did for years.

It wasn’t that I didn, you can just take it or leave it.

But it was, you’ve gotta keep your eye on the prize.

You got a chance to win it all.

It has to be in your hands, it has to make you feel good, it had to be good.

You had to feel like, okay, it got my back.

I ain’t going to sit here and give up.

You never can, man!

I don´t want to give up!

I want you to give it to me, you have to!

You gotta give me the money, you better give me it.

So I will, you need to help me.

That wasn’t the case, but yeah, I got it.

I gave it to you, you guys are gonna love it.

It went, man…