The world’s most beautiful turtle can hear turtles below the ocean, scientists say

A world-class turtle, the world’s biggest turtle, can hear the sounds of other species beneath the ocean.

The turtle, known as the Peruvian jacaranda, is the only known turtle in the world to learn the calls of other turtles in a captive setting.

In addition to being the world-famous turtle, it also has the rare ability to sense vibrations from underwater objects, which scientists believe is a very important feature for turtles to navigate underwater.

The Peruvian turtle has a range of more than 100 miles (160 kilometers), and the most common habitat is the ocean bottom.

The Peruvian sea turtle can also be found in tropical areas, and has a long-lasting lifespan of about 10 years.

Scientists from the Brazilian research institute, CEC, have discovered that the Peru jacareca can hear underwater vibrations that are produced by other species that inhabit the ocean floor.

According to the research, the Peruvians jacaresca can distinguish the sounds produced by turtles from those produced by animals that live deep underwater, which is known as “bio-sound.”

The Peruvian sea turtle has also been found to hear underwater sounds of mammals and insects, but scientists still don’t know what the Perucian jacarisca does in the same way.

Peru jacoaranda: How do you detect vibrations?

Scientists discovered that Peruvias jacaroas are capable of detecting vibrations produced by the vibrations of other animals that are nearby.

Researchers believe that the jacariascan sense vibrations generated by the body of another living creature.

Scientists also discovered that there are different kinds of vibrations in the sea, called “vibes,” and that they can be distinguished from the vibrations produced in the body by other animals.

Scientists believe that a Peruvianjacarana can distinguish between different kinds or types of vibrations produced at different depths.

They believe that this ability may help them to detect other kinds of sounds, such as that of a human or other animals, when they are close to another creature.

Jacoaras also have the ability to distinguish between other species of marine animals, which are called “mosaics.”

Scientists also discovered a new species of sea turtle called the Perumalucias jaco.

Scientists believe that these new sea turtles can differentiate between other sea turtles and dolphins.

The researchers believe that jacoarsca can detect vibrations produced during swimming, which helps them to determine the distance between themselves and other sea creatures.

The jacoascan also detect vibrations generated during the diving process.

Jacoaroas and dolphins can also detect a vibration generated by a human voice, but it’s unknown if these two species can distinguish that from the sounds emitted by other sea animals.