The Top 10 Most Dangerous Songs From The ’90s: ‘Worst Generation’

“Worst generation” is an apt term, as these were some of the most violent and destructive times in modern music history.

The most violent albums were released during this time period.

And the worst generation did it on their own terms, with a sense of purpose and a sense that they were above it all.

The best albums of the ’90S had a sense and a message, and that message was clear.

It was an age of music that saw the power of music and music could change the world.

These albums set the tone for the rest of the decade, a time when bands like Mötley Crüe, Bad Brains, Metallica and Marilyn Manson made music that was as raw and honest as any rock band ever made.

The Best Albums of the Worst Generation The 10 Best Album Songs: The Worst Generation (1989-1992) 1.

Bad Brained (Bad Brains) 2.

St. Vincent 3.

We Are the Champions 4.

Tame Impala 5.

The Weeknd 6.

The War on Drugs 7.

The 1975 8.

Arcade Fire 9.

The Killers 10. Metallica