What’s in the hearing aids? | The Wall Street Journal

WATCH: What’s In The Hearing-Aide Today’s House Judiciary Committee hearing is the first in a series on the history and future of the hearing aid, and its use today.

The hearing aids are meant to be worn during testimony by witnesses, including members of Congress and members of the public, to allow them to remain completely present in the room without any distractions.

In fact, many witnesses in the House Judiciary hearing were wearing hearing aids, and many were in the process of testifying when the hearing began.

As with many other hearings in recent years, the hearing will include a question-and-answer period with questions from the media and lawmakers from both sides of the aisle.

The question-answer portion of the proceedings will also include a brief Q&A period with witnesses and the media, followed by a Q&A with members of both sides.

The House Judiciary committee will also be asking a number of questions related to the use of hearing aids during the hearings.

They include:How often are hearing aids used?

How often do hearing aids need to be cleaned?

What does the hearing look like?

Do hearing aids have to be on at all times?

Is there a way to ensure that hearing aids don’t fall out of the ears?

What is the legal basis for hearing aids to be used?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of hearing devices?

How do hearing devices interact with hearing aids and other hearing aids that have been used?

Should hearing aids be worn when not in use?

How does hearing aid technology differ from other hearing devices and hearing aids on the market?

What would be the impact on hearing aids technology if hearing aids were banned?

The hearing begins at 10 a.m.


Watch the hearing online.