Which team is best at the Super Bowl? | Seahawks win in Super Bowl preview

With a Super Bowl win over the New England Patriots, Seattle has officially entered the playoff race and is poised to be the first team to win a Superbowl title since the Dallas Cowboys did it in 1996.

We asked four experts to rate each Superbowl team based on what they think the league should do to get it done.

Here are their takeaways:1.

Seahawks vs. Patriots: This Superbowl is shaping up to be one of the greatest Superbowls ever.

This was a wild and exciting Superbowl that ended up being a great one, but Seattle won it.

With a win over New England, the Seahawks will clinch the top seed and will likely have to play the winner of the NFC South to win the Superbowl.

The Patriots, meanwhile, should be very pleased with the way they handled themselves in the second half of the season.

They won two of their final three games, and they also lost three games in a row.

While they did play better in the playoffs, it still wasn’t enough to beat the Seahawks.

The Seahawks have the advantage on the field this season.

Wilson is playing at an elite level, while quarterback Russell Wilson has a Hall of Fame résumé.

The defense, though, is not without its flaws.

The Seahawks have to figure out how to overcome that, and Wilson has been outstanding.

They should be able to overcome their mistakes.2.

Vikings vs. Broncos: The Vikings have the best chance to win this Superbowl, and that’s because they are the best team in the NFL.

They’re probably the most talented team in football, but it will take more than a one-sided Superbowl win to knock the Broncos off their perch.

The Vikings are still very young, but they have players like quarterback Teddy Bridgewater and receiver Cordarrelle Patterson.

The offense will be led by the MVP, Adrian Peterson.

The Broncos have some talented players in quarterback Peyton Manning and running back Jamaal Charles, but Denver will have to find a way to win when they play at home in a Superdome.3.

Steelers vs. Bengals: The Steelers have the edge here because they have a dominant defense that has had a good season.

The Bengals have a weak defense that is very young.

But this Super Bowl is going to be a big game for the Steelers, who will be facing off against one of their toughest opponents.

If the Bengals win the game, it will be the biggest victory for the franchise since the 1970 AFC Championship Game.

The Steelers will need a big performance from quarterback Ben Roethlisberger to have a chance.4.

Browns vs. Rams: Cleveland is the favorites here, but the Rams are the favorites because of their history.

Cleveland has been the worst team in NFL history, but its history as a team that won two Super Bowls should make them a favorite.

The Rams have a great defensive unit that has been good for years.

The Browns are not quite as talented, but if the Rams win the big game, they will have a legitimate shot at a Superstar quarterback.

The Cleveland Browns have the biggest edge here, which will likely be enough to win.5.

Ravens vs. Steelers: The Ravens are the only team that could beat Pittsburgh in the regular season, but that’s not the only reason.

Pittsburgh has a history of winning in the postseason, so this will be a tough game.

The Ravens will face a strong Steelers defense that will probably be the best in the league.

The game is expected to be very close, and if the Ravens win, they should be in the playoff picture.6.

Bears vs. Cardinals: The Bears are not only in the NFC championship picture, but this is a great opportunity to show how good they are.

The Cardinals have been the best offense in football in recent years, but a Super