New Indian company, HEAR hear, will build hearing amplifiers for the military

HEAR heard, the leading global hearing amplifier maker, has announced plans to build an array of hearing amplifier-equipped helicopters.

The company has teamed up with Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) to build the HELIUS aircraft, the first of its kind, according to Hindustani media reports.

The HELIOS will be powered by the new HEAR HEAR platform, which is the company’s first attempt to deliver high-power, high-performance hearing systems for the Indian Air Force.

The HEAR is designed to achieve the optimum level of hearing by combining advanced hearing technology and high-fidelity materials.

HEAR’s HEAR Hearing Systems, developed by HAL, will be used for the Helicopter Aircraft and Light Combat Aircraft (HALS).

“The HeliS are a next-generation hearing system.

They will provide the same functionality as the HELS.

They are going to be more than a simple hearing aid.

They provide the best of both worlds,” said Ankit Gupta, President and CEO of HEAR.

The HAL-developed HEAR systems are designed to offer optimal sound level and clarity for pilots, passengers and ground personnel, as well as for the environment, he added.

The HAL-developed system will also be capable of using external and internal sensors to deliver a better user experience.

The HELLA-based HELIAS are the largest indigenous air vehicle and are in the early stages of development.

The helicopter is a helicopter designed to fly from an airport and provide a seamless and seamless experience for the pilot.

The aircraft is a multi-role helicopter, with the ability to land from a fixed base, to be launched from the ground, and to perform multiple missions in different air regions, according TOI.

It has an operational life of 25 years.

The Helicopter Helicopter has been in development since 2011.

The company had already completed testing of the Helicopters Advanced Vision System (HAVES) in 2018.

The prototype helicopter has been flown on the test range, and it is expected to fly on the battlefield.