GOP senator calls for end to NSA spying

By Josh Marshall and Kevin FrekingUpdated January 25, 2017 11:56:15I hope I’m not sounding like a fool.

But I’m afraid I am.

The GOP senator who has been trying to take away Americans’ civil liberties and privacy rights by passing laws that threaten their rights has a problem.

I’m sorry, but it is a problem of public policy, not of individual liberties.

If you’ve never heard of the bill, Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., is sponsoring a bill that would give the National Security Agency unprecedented access to all Americans’ communications, including phone calls, emails and texts.

The bill, if passed, would be a major step toward mass surveillance of Americans’ private communications, particularly when it comes to the private communications of foreign governments.

The NSA and its allies are increasingly targeting Americans and their families with electronic eavesdropping.

The bills is part of a sweeping effort by President Donald Trump to build a more expansive surveillance apparatus.

Trump has argued that the NSA is spying on Americans because it’s needed to fight terrorism.

It’s true that the U.S. government has been tracking terrorists for years and the NSA has been gathering data about terrorists for more than a decade.

But, as President Donald Trumps defense secretary, Mike Rogers, put it, “The FBI is collecting all of our metadata, all of the communications of our associates around the world.”

And the NSA’s collection of Americans and Americans’ phone calls and emails is not only illegal, it’s immoral.

We can’t be in this business unless we’re protecting the lives of our citizens.

And when the president is talking about surveillance, that is the wrong message to send to Americans who are living under an oppressive government.

Burr is trying to send a very clear message to Americans, and to the American people, that the government cannot spy on our communications and that it cannot spy in our lives.

He has not done that.

The U.K. government is also considering a similar proposal, and has recently been forced to publicly apologize for the mass surveillance programs.

The U.N. General Assembly has also condemned the U,S.

spying programs.

The problem is that the President and the President’s allies are attempting to do just that.

In a speech last week, President Donald T. Trump told the U.,S.

Congress that his administration would “immediately end” the NSA spying programs and that he would have the NSA “hijack” any communications from the U.’s overseas bases.

I hope you will vote against the USA Freedom Act.

I have the power to make that happen.

But this is an absolute and absolute disaster.

Burr’s bill would give a major power to the NSA, and it would not stop the collection of U.s. citizens’ phone records.

It would also give the NSA more than three times as much access to Americans’ data as the previous law.

Burr has tried to take this power away from the NSA.

The ACLU is opposed to Burr’s legislation because Burr is taking away Americans rights by undermining our civil liberties.

The ACLU says Burr’s effort to undermine privacy and civil liberties is a violation of the First Amendment and the Fourth Amendment, and is a clear threat to civil liberties in the United States.

The government is not authorized to violate your rights, and the law is clear.

If the government can spy on Americans without a warrant, then it can spy about you, too.

If Burr is successful in his efforts to make the NSA listen in on Americans’ conversations, the U will be forced to defend its citizens from a threat to its own civil liberties that the Trump administration is attempting to create.