Hockey’s NHL Players: Watch the impeachment hearing

The NHL Players’ Association is set to hold a hearing Tuesday to discuss its investigation into the allegations of misconduct against players.

A hearing on the matter is scheduled to begin at 11 a.m.


A list of the players who are expected to testify includes current players such as Nashville Predators center Ryan Johansen, who has been suspended indefinitely by the league for an alleged violation of the NHL’s anti-doping policy.

Nashville Predators centerRyan Johansen is one of a number of NHL players who will be called to testify at a hearing on Tuesday about allegations of alleged misconduct against them.NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman told reporters the hearing will be open to all parties and will be streamed live on

Bettman said there will be no hearings before any Commissioner or commissioner’s representative.

He said the league will present evidence to the NHL Players Association and the NHLPA as it relates to the allegations, which were initially filed by former player and former assistant coach Chris Mannix.

Mannix alleged that he was fired by the Predators in October for allegedly violating the NHL policy, but was later reinstated and allowed to play for the Predators.

He has said he was terminated for not complying with the league’s anti, anti-drug policy.

The hearing will likely be the first of many to examine whether players who have played in the NHL since its inception in 1993 have been treated fairly.

The league has not commented publicly on the investigation.

The NHL Players Assn.

filed a criminal charge against Johansen in December, alleging he defamed former Predators coach Peter Laviolette by leaking the information to a reporter.

Brett Hull, a former player who has spoken publicly about the allegations against him, said he has not been disciplined by the NHL, and is hopeful that he will not face disciplinary action.

Hull said he does not believe the league is interested in disciplining Johansen.

Holt, who said he is still in touch with Johansen through social media, said the allegations have put the NHL in an untenable position.

“It’s going to take an unbelievable amount of pressure from the league to take action on this,” Hull said.

“I just hope we don’t get into a situation where we start down a road where we lose a player that is so important and a good guy that has made a huge contribution to the game of hockey, and they don’t even want to do anything about it.

I just hope that we don