How to prevent the hearing aid craze

By taking some simple steps, you can prevent the use of hearing aids for the foreseeable future.

The Times Of India article The Times Of Ireland has been hit by a sudden spike in the number of people seeking help with hearing aids.

The Irish Independent has reported that more than 5,500 people had sought assistance with hearing aid during a three-day period in May and June.

It was a record high number of requests for hearing aid, according to the report, which cited an unnamed source. 

The number of complaints about hearing aids is expected to rise further this month, as more people are being forced to use hearing aids and others are choosing not to go to appointments because of the shortage. 

While it is not the first time that hearing aids have become a hot topic in Ireland, the rise in requests comes after months of growing concern over the issue. 

Earlier this month the Health Department said that it was not aware of any case in which hearing aids had caused harm.

The department said that the number was likely to fall again as more cases were discovered.