Why eargo devices are being banned in Ireland

The Irish Government has banned eargo headphones, which are marketed as an aid to hearing loss, from entering the country.

The Government has also said it will ban eargo earbuds and other products from entering Ireland by the end of January 2019.

The eargo is a small wireless headset with a microphone attached to a microphone that allows you to communicate with others.

It works by sending a text message, email or WhatsApp message to a device in your ear.

The devices are available from a number of online retailers including Amazon, as well as retailers such as Best Buy and Walmart.

But the Government has made clear the devices do not have to be purchased in Ireland.

Instead, they can only be purchased from overseas manufacturers.

Last year, the Irish government said eargo technology was being used in the UK, Germany, the US, Australia and other countries.

Online retailers such Amazon have already banned the devices.

The ban comes amid a spike in eargo use in the Irish Republic.

A study by the National Institute for Health Research found that 1 in 4 Irish adults use the eargo, up from 1 in 5 in 2016.

Eargo products are available on the internet for purchase in Ireland, but online retailers such in the US and UK have already been forced to remove the devices from their sites.

Last month, the Health Products Regulatory Agency said e-buds had been used in Ireland for almost two years.

It said ebuds were “being marketed as aids to hearing”.

But the Agency also said the devices are “not a substitute for proper hearing protection”.

“In most cases, these devices do nothing more than amplify or amplify the sound from your earphones and will not significantly improve your hearing,” it said.

Online retailer Best Buy, which has sold e-tronix earbud products in Ireland since last year, has also been ordered to remove e-gators from its shelves.

The company’s CEO, Paul Wrenn, said ebbers were a “misuse of technology that is dangerous and can be dangerous”.

“Our concern is with the potential for this product to be misused, which could lead to serious harm and death,” he said.