How to tell if you have a hearing loss

It’s a question that many people ask themselves when they’re struggling to understand what’s going on with their hearing.

The ABC’s Victoria Rizzo recently did her own research, interviewing more than 10,000 Australians to learn more about hearing loss.

In the course of the research, she found that most Australians are suffering from hearing loss and that some are more vulnerable than others.

“The main issue that people have with hearing loss is that they think they’re having a normal life,” she said.

It’s a condition that affects one in four Australians, according to the Australian Hearing Loss Society.

Rizzo says hearing loss can be a challenge for both people and society.

People are usually diagnosed with hearing impairment as early as the age of 20, but many don’t know it, and can be left to cope with the condition on their own.

“You don’t necessarily know that you’re having hearing loss until it starts affecting your ability to communicate or to use the bathroom,” she explained.

While many people struggle with the symptoms, Rizzoo says that most people have the right conditions in place.

“I think that’s what makes it so difficult to talk about it,” she noted.

“It’s very common to have hearing loss because it’s part of the social, cultural or physical life that you live.

There are a lot of factors that contribute to hearing loss, so it’s important to have people around you to support you and make sure that you have support.”

If you have hearing damage and you’re struggling, Rizos advice is simple: take a hearing test.

“We recommend that you take a testing test when you feel you’re experiencing hearing loss,” she says.

She says that people should get the test within six months of the onset of hearing loss in order to give their bodies time to adapt to the loss.

“If you are younger and have a younger hearing loss than the average person then you should do a hearing testing test at that age,” she advised.

“For people older, like 70 or older, it’s best to wait a bit longer before taking the test.”

If hearing loss isn’t a problem for you, there are a number of ways you can help improve your hearing.

If you’re already hearing loss-free, there’s no need to worry.

You can try different things, such as hearing aids or hearing aids for the blind.

The ABC spoke to experts about the best ways to help someone with hearing issues, including hearing aids and hearing aids to the blind, and hearing aid technology, which includes hearing aids.