Which of the Trump impeachment hearings is your favorite?

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Isis Al-Razpur/AP,File President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence take the oath to swear in the new president, January 20.

Isis Al: AP photoThe Associated Press on Tuesday published the full transcript of a House committee hearing that took on the possibility of impeaching President Donald Donald Trump.

Rep. Al Green, D-Texas, the ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, began his hearing by noting that the president has been in office for less than a year and that the process of impeachment is underway.

Green asked if there was a timeline for the hearing and if any members of Congress thought the possibility existed.

Green said he would look at the documents that are now available, including a letter from the White House and a letter sent to Congress by the Office of Congressional Ethics, which is investigating allegations of misconduct in the Trump administration.

Green also questioned whether it was possible to know whether the House Committee would be able to subpoena the transcripts of the hearing, and whether it would be appropriate for the committee to seek such documents from the Department of Justice.


Adam Schiff, D­-Calif., and Mike Conaway, R-Texas said they expected that the committee would have a hearing that would be open to the public.

Green and Schiff asked if it would not be a violation of the rules of the House to have a public hearing.

The rule is to have no public hearings, Green said.

Schiff said it was a problem that there is a very large number of people involved in the impeachment process, and that this would be a big problem.

Schiff questioned why there were so many witnesses for the House of Representatives, as well as the FBI and Department of Homeland Security.

Green noted that the White aces of the impeachment proceedings are former FBI Director James Comey, former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff and former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

He said that in the past, the White Houses of the presidents who impeached a president did so after a long period of time, and it was the responsibility of the Senate to act.

Reporter: This is the most important hearing that we have seen.

Green: Yes.

We don’t know when it will be, and the process is still underway, but the question of when, we don’t have a timeline, but it will come, and I believe it will take place before the end of the year, is one that will be very, very important, and is very difficult to answer.

Rep: It will be difficult to say how long that will take.

Green said that it will not be long, but that he was hopeful that he could answer those questions in a timely fashion.

Rep, Schiff: That is good.

It will take the whole day to be completed, which will be an enormous burden on us, but we will do it.

Rep Green: No, I mean, it will have to be a very big burden.

Schiff: So that will have a very heavy burden.

Green: I think the process will be pretty straightforward.

Schiff asked whether it could be completed before the new year.

Green agreed.

Rep Schiff: And it is a great thing that this is a new era, because there are a lot of people who are going to have to make decisions, and they will have decisions about whether or not they will support him.

Green replied that he is hopeful that it can be completed as quickly as possible.

RepGreen: There will be people who have to support him, and there will be decisions that need to be made, but I don’t think that’s going to be that much of a problem, Green told Schiff.

Schiff continued, asking Green whether there was any evidence of collusion between Trump and the Russian government, and if there were any contacts between Trump associates and the Russians.

Green answered, yes, and then said that there are allegations that a lot more than one person was involved, but Green did not say which person, or when.

Green also said that the public hearings should be open, but not be