When is a ‘gamestOP’ a gamestop?

Google is in the process of rolling out new gamestOPs, a new form of the company’s gaming service that can only be accessed in India.

Google India told TechCrunch that a beta for the gamestops will be available later this year, though it didn’t give a timeline.

Gamestops are one of several new gaming features Google is adding to the service in an effort to appeal to more Indian users.

Google introduced gamestOPS to India earlier this year.

The new gamESTOPs are designed for “big” games like Dota 2 and Overwatch, but Google has also said that they can also be used for casual games like FarmVille.

GamestOP games have different play styles.

For instance, a typical game of FarmVilles typically requires a team of five players.

Google is offering a gamESTOPS for Dota 2 with the addition of a few new options that allow for better matchmaking.

The new gamethop can also support other games, such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The company told TechInsights that this is a beta and will eventually be rolled out to all of its other gaming platforms, but it didn, at this time, provide an estimate on when it will be.

GamESTOP features will also come with an extra cost, though the company didn’t say how much.

Google is also working to get gamestoppers to offer in-app purchases in India, which would allow users to unlock more in-game perks, like new weapons and armor.

Gamers are also welcome to join the new gametops and buy new gear and skins, which will be added to the store when they are available.